Our Products

Large caliber ammunition production

We offer a wide portfolio of high-performance ammunition following NATO quality standards, including artillery and tank ammunition. We develop, manufacture and integrate rounds of 105, mm, 106 and 155 mm field artillery ammunition to respond to the most demanding requirements of the Armed Forces. Also, develop, manufacture and integrate round of 60, 81 and 120 mm mortar ammo. For Tank ammunition, we develop, manufacture and integrate rounds of 105 mm and 120 mm in different configurations.

  • Artillery 155 mm
  • Artillery 105mm
  • Gun 106mm
  • Mortar ammunition

Development and Production of Propellants

Fábrica de Municiones de Granada is a Center of Excellence for Propellants. Development and production of high performance single-base propellants for medium caliber ammunition (from 12.7 to 35 mm) and 105mm round plus propulsion systems for 60, 81 and 120 mm mortar ammo. All our propellants are produced compliant with EU REACH regulations.

Missiles: Production and R&D

The company has extensive knowledge in the production and R&D capabilities of NATO standards different missiles like Mistral, Spike and Meteor. Our expertise is concentrated on warheads (casting, composite explosive and double effect press); rocket motors (AP/HTPB technology), and hot integrations (live components assembles, electronics assemblies, gas generators assemblies and electronics hot testing).

EOD Equipment

We offer EOD equipment to neutralize unexploded ordnance and a wide range of explosive. Our solutions proved maximum efficiency and safety of use to Special Operation Units, and Security and Police Forces.

Expert Firing Test Center

Fábrica de Municiones de Granada has Firing Test and Qualification Capabilities for Medium and Large Caliber Ammunitions up to 105 mm. The firing range is in service for domestics and international vehicles and weapons systems programs. At the same time, has highly skilled specialized personal and equipment like doppler radar, pressure gages and all needed for internal and external ballistic measurements.

Test Laboratories & Storage Area

The Test Laboratories of FMG allow different kind of experiments: Environmental tests (Vibration and shock; and Thermal, climatic and thermobaric chambers); Non Destructive Tests (NDT-RT); Chemical Laboratory and Ballistic Tests (Firing line indoor and outdoor, Rocket motors test bench and Explosive charges arena). Also has large capabilities to store active material and products. With twelve warehouses and all the equipment necessary to ensure the safety and well conditions of the material.