At Fábrica de Municiones de Granada (FMG) we are aware of the commitment that the satisfaction of our stakeholders represents. For this reason, compliance with the highest Quality Standards in our products and services, Occupational Health and Safety prevention, and the protection of the Environment, are considered priority factors in the development of our activity.

To this end, FMG counts with a Management System that integrates the requirements established by ISO 9001, PECAL 2110, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, which guarantees the achievement of the highest standards in each area of our work.

Likewise, all the workers who work at and for FMG, share a series of values ​​and principles:

  • Honesty, responsibility and transparency in the development of our functions.
  • Search for effectiveness and efficiency in our professional activity.
  • Responsibility for our own decisions, which are based on data and risks analysis.
  • All people contribute to the success of our company and our commitment is to have diverse, talented and properly trained personnel, providing the necessary channels to ensure help and participation of our employees as necessary.
  • Commitment to Continuously Improve the processes that we carry out in our day to day, training our workers as one of the pillars of our processes.
  • Compliance with the requirements set forth in the reference standards as well as in the specific procedures implemented by FMG and other applicable legal regulations.
  • We are involved in protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of our processes, operations and products throughout their life cycle.
  • We strive to have a healthy and safe work environment, eliminating the dangers and minimizing the risks, accidents and illnesses derived from work.
  • We are alert to any form of corruption in our work environment.